Krishnamurti Center, Sonoma County

There are several Krishnamurti Centers in India, one in England, and one in Ojai, California. A close friend of the KFA, James Lee Dixon, passed away in 2020, and he left his estate to the Foundation, specifically for the purposes of creating a center in Occidental, situated in the mountains north of San Francisco.

We have been working hard to get this new center ready to open in February 2022. The place is built in such a way that makes it conducive for dialogues, programs, and meditation. As you can see in the pictures, it is absolutely gorgeous, and the gardens are exceptional.

We’ll be announcing the opening of this center in our e-newsletter as we approach the date of the event. To visit the center alone or with a group, you will need to book in advance. You will find the link to the booking app here when it becomes available.

JAAP: What stood out for me today was when you started talking about when you had your meeting with Krishnamurti—which was not really an interview but more a kind of sitting together and exploring things. Would you be willing to recapitulate that?

JIM: So, a few years before the talk I had with Krishnamurti, I had had a kind of classic kundalini experience in which the mind for a while was wiped clean of thinking, and everything was immediate and fresh. But I didn’t feel, as I looked at it after several years, that I was understanding anything better than I had before. So I began to wonder if it was really very different from just taking a drug trip. I brought that up to Krishnamurti. I talked briefly about it; I didn’t want to dwell on the details. And he nodded a few times for many things that I had said. Then he said, “Sir, when you walk along a garden path, you see something beautiful; nonetheless, you don’t spend your life there.” I said, “I have started thinking that these extraordinary energies that I had felt maybe had a more proper expression in the realm of healing. I’d seen from other experiments I had done that I had some capacity to help people in that way.” So I talked about that briefly.
He didn’t talk a lot in the whole interview; he merely nodded, said yes or no. Occasionally, he made flights into extended verbal expression. And in this case, he said, “Sir, in regard to these occult phenomena and healing and transmission…” He just touched on a few common things, and he then said, “You don’t have to listen to what I say. After all, only a fool gives advice. And yet, might I say, sir, with respect to these matters of healing, energy exchange, all these activities—and again, you don’t have to listen to what I say, and yet if I might, sir, be so bold as to say in regard to these matters: I can’t begin to tell you how much you’ve already injured yourself—a terrible harm you had done.

So, might I say, sir, in respect to these matters: DON’T!” Then he said, “You understand what I said?” I said, “I certainly heard you.” He said, “Because, sir, what is important is to find out if you’re one of those with whom love wishes to dwell.”

JAAP: If you were one of those with whom love wishes to dwell.

JIM: “Because, sir, if that can happen, then without intention, without motive, wherever you go, whatever you do, then what needs to take place will take place, and you become a vision for all.”

JAAP: So, how did you understand what Krishnamurti was saying?

JIM: I understood exactly what he said to me.

Listen to the full version of the interview here:

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