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Taking the First Step

Taking the First Step offers a fresh way to look at ourselves. What is it that constantly reduces our existence in the gamut of tradition?  We are a product of tradition, time. However, is there something about us – in us – that we have never questioned or considered looking at? Has that anything to do with taking the first step, which may itself be the very last step?
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什么是焦虑? (What is Anxiety?)

TBD, 中文在线课程 (Online program in Chinese)
焦虑究竟是什么? 它是恐惧的同义词吗? 我们能否在没有定义或证明它的冲动的情况下看待它? 在焦虑的能量场中,能不能保持一颗平静的心?
What is anxiety exactly? Is it a synonym to fear? Can we look at it without the urge to define or to justify it? Is it possible to maintain a quiet mind in an anxious energy field?
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Introduction to Krishnamurti

January 17-21, ONLINE PROGRAM
Introduction to Krishnamurti. Full program description coming soon.
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Can One Live Totally Honestly?

December 13-17, ONLINE PROGRAM
“Honesty is a very complex affair. When one says to oneself that one must be honest, is that possible? It is very important to find out what it means to be totally honest, because we are going to deal with insight and the immediacy of action. It is utterly important, if we would grasp the depth of meaning of insight, to have the quality of complete integrity, to have that integrity which is the honesty of the whole.” -Krishnamurti
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Can Time End? (2nd session)

November 8 - 12, ONLINE PROGRAM
This session will explore chapter 4 of the book Ending of Time, “Breaking the Pattern of Egocentric Activity”. “Will I as a human being, give up my egocentric activity completely? What will make me move away from that? What will make a human being move away from this destructive self-centred activity” -Krishnamurti