Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

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Krishnamurti Center in Ojai would appreciate hearing of your interest to assist in its work to preserve and make available the works of Krishnamurti. Regardless of whether or not a job has been posted, inquiries are welcome from those with a serious interest in Krishnamurti’s teaching and a commitment to working with others in a spirit of inquiry and cooperation. If this applies to you and you have training, skills, or experience in any one or more areas such as information technology/computers, design, marketing, or management, please send your CV and a covering letter to Contact Us – Krishnamurti Center.
Please be sure to describe 1) your interest in working at the Center in Ojai, 2) your specific work interests, and 3) the month and year you would be available to apply.

Volunteer vacancies

The Krishnamurti Center would appreciate your help in carrying out its mission to preserve and make available the works of Krishnamurti. You may wish to work in the Admin office or from home, either for one visit or periodically. In the case of Guest Helpers, food and lodging are given in exchange for work.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out this form.

Working at the Admin Office:

  1. Sorting out old office files.
  2. Help with video and audio production for podcasts.
  3. Help with archives projects.

Working at Pine Cottage Library:

  1. Organizing and maintaining book collection.
  2. Facilitating dialogues with guests.
  3. Help with maintaining the building and the landscape.

Working from Home:

  1. Facilitate online courses
  2. Help organize our online course program.
  3. Help with social media projects.
  4. Help with answering letters to prisoners.

Job Opportunities in Ojai and Sonoma

Working at the Krishnamurti Center in any capacity is more than a job opportunity – it is a lifestyle. A sincere interest in Krishnamurti’s work and a commitment to creating a serious environment in (sometimes intense) cooperation with others is essential.

We are always pleased to hear from people who are interested in Krishnamurti’s teachings and who are keen to find out more about employment here. We may not have a suitable position advertised at present, however, it is helpful for us to be aware of your interest in consideration of our future employment needs. Please send us a cover letter and your CV.

Full Job Description

The Krishnamurti Center LLC is part of the Krishnamurti Foundation of America Trust (KFA). The KFA is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to disseminate and preserve the teachings of J.Krishnamurti and run schools and centers based upon these teachings. The Krishnamurti Center LLC is the operational arm of the KFA. The Center runs the retreat, library, orchard, development office, programs, archives, and publications. For more info visit

JOB TITLE: SalesForce Database Manager

REPORTS TO: Director of the Center

SCOPE OF POSITION: A database administrator is a full-time role within the Krishnamurti Center team. This team member fills critical SalesForce database maintenance functions for various parts of the Center’s operations, including running reports, data entry, donor/donations management, and general CRM management.


  • Accurate, detailed donation entry
  • Mastery of import tools
  • Maintain data health by applying USPS address standards, following name formatting conventions, and keeping codes accurate per client’s guidelines.
  • Use of Excel (combination of formulas to accomplish goals)
  • Setup receipt templates – attention to detail with formatting, grammar, merge fields
  • Sending receipt emails, generating receipts to be mailed
  • Continuous quality checking
  • Manage integrations with accounting and marketing software
  • Reconciling database to accounting records
  • Build reports and manipulate data in Excel


All applicants must have

  • Close attention to detail and concern for accuracy,
  • Ability to work independently,
  • Problem-solving skills, and
  • Ability to think systemically.