Krishnamurti Center, Sonoma County

Situated in the hills of Occidental, CA is the 17 Acre estate gifted to the Krishnamurti Foundation of America for the development of a new Krishnamurti Center. Preparations are underway, and the center will soon be open to the public. To ensure you receive notifications of the opening of the center and how to visit, please make sure you are subscribed to the KFA e-newsletter.

The Estate was gifted to the KFA by James (Jim) Lee Dixon. The property features a grand terraced garden (designed by Jim) and an equally impressive residence with a vaulted main hall and two residential wings. The main hall is the central focus of the building and was purpose-built to showcase his unique collection of carpets and art.

Jim had a sincere and abiding interest in Krishnamurti’s work throughout his life, as seen by the numerous Krishnamurti volumes that pepper the bookshelves all through the building. He had the exceptionally rare opportunity to meet Krishnamurti one on one, in a meeting he described as “sitting together and exploring.”  They spoke of Jim’s experiences, questioned modalities of healing, and love, culminating in K’s Statement, “Because, sir, what is important is to find out if you’re one of those with whom love wishes to dwell,” which left a lasting impression on Jim. Jim wished for his estate to live on as a place of study and contemplation—a place where people could visit and appreciate the beauty of the gardens and explore meditation and the nature of consciousness. It was his feeling that the KFA would be the best suited to receive this gift and carry out this wish.

The generosity of Jim’s gift is a representation of his gracious heart that was recognized and appreciated by so many.  Jim asked the Krishnamurti Foundation to maintain the gardens and develop a center for study and contemplation The K centers worldwide represent spaces in which people interested in exploring the deepest questions of our existence and the nature of human consciousness can gather, explore, and inquire together.  Jim’s property in northern California is a welcome addition to the several active Krishnamurti Centers worldwide in India,  England, and Ojai, California

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