How can I get at what you are saying without any effort?

Madras 1985 – Question #1 from Q&A Meeting #1

Krishnamurti says that is the wrong question. The how implies authority.
To not ask that question.. Means to find out for oneself.
The man who knows more psychologically is still seeking the more.

Can one be free of measurement.. Which means comparison.
There’s always the more. It implies the whole process of time, evolution. To be free of all that.
What K is saying is not anything different from what you are. To look at yourself as you are.
Listen to yourself, very carefully.
Yourself is not different from the thousand other selves.
I am humanity, we all suffer the same, tremendous self interest.
Either you say this verbally, or turn it into an idea. Or its an actual fact.
When it’s a fact it has tremendous significance.
That means theres great compassion, and intelligence.